More on the recent flooding in Venice

A link to an article from the Times Online (UK) from a student outside our seminar to the floods in Venice.  More images and a short video are in the article.

Also from the Times Online (UK), an article with a interesting discussion of how Canaletto’s paintings allow us to understand, and perhaps depict, the flooding of Venice.

And another from The New York Times.

And this article from the BBC with photos and video.

One thought on “More on the recent flooding in Venice

  1. When I visited Venice, they warned me that the water in the city was very dirty and unsanitary. Although to the naked eye it appeared fairly clean, I have to wonder: What kind of health hazards does the flooding pose for the city in general? How do they physically remove all the flood water? What kind of effects does the flooding have on the buildings there? Surely the historical architecture of the city is hit pretty hard when this happens.

    Hope everything is cleaned up soon!


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