Finish this sentence…

Prior to our opening, take a few moments here on our class blog to finish this sentence:

“Researching for an online exhibit on Venice in this seminar allowed me to…”

Consider addressing how you “thought across the class.” In other words…how were you influenced by your colleagues and co-curators, how did your research develop in response to the work of your co-curators, what did you learn from working on this class project, how have your ideas about Venice developed from this project? This will prepare you for your presentations at the opening Thursday. You may certainly respond to comments made by your peers…in fact, this is encouraged. Remember how to comment? Click on “Comments.”

6 thoughts on “Finish this sentence…

  1. Researching for an online exhibit allowed me to give and receive constructive criticism while working with a team of curators. For example, it was suggested that I examine the attributes held by the subjects of the paintings for further analysis of my topic.
    I learned a lot about how technology can enhance my research. Using a blog will allow me to manipulate my gallery so that it best fits the flow of my topic.
    Lastly, I learned about Venetian artists’ contributions to the history of art making Venice an art center that can contend with other cities around Europe such as Paris and Florence.

  2. Researching for an online exhibit allowed me to understand the group effort that it takes to produce something like what we are doing in this class. It has shown me that even if my research is my own, it is important to be inspired by others and listen to their critiques and questions. It is much harder to see issues in your own work which is why having colleagues to help you see the issues is vital to create a successful project.

  3. Researching for an online exhibit allowed me to be a participant in a team and develop useful skills for the future. Technology plays an ever growing and important role in all aspects of our lives, and learning basic blogging in order to create this online exhibit has been a truly beneficial skill to begin to develop. I have personally learned that designing a user-friendly webpage is more difficult than expected. Researching online exhibits and web pages of museums, as well as reflecting from ideas presented by those in this class has allowed myself, and the other co-curators from our class, to create a well designed and formatted online exhibit.

  4. Researching for an online exhibit on Venice in this seminar allowed me to critically think about my own work, in relation to the projects of my peers. After having seen all of the completed projects today, I am extremely proud of everyone’s work, and am impressed by how developed our exhibits are. The process was time consuming and at times challenging, but I think it proved to be very worthwhile. I now feel like I have a better understanding for group research projects (and I certainly have a new appreciation for blogging and technology as a way to communicate our ideas!), and value the time and effort put into them. This was a very helpful experience, and I am pleased with the final product.

  5. Researching for an online exhibit on Venice in this seminar allowed me to learn about the technical aspects of creating an exhibit beyond the general topic selection and research. It also taught me how to best present the information and how a collaborative effort can be helpful in critiquing and coming up with ideas. This seminar also has brought me a sense of what makes a good online exhibit and has changed the way I might view museum websites and their content in the future. I think the diversity in the class’s work made me realize the contributions that Venice has made to art history as well as consider the problems of conservation and preservation of the city itself.

  6. After going through and making some final edits on my online exhibit, I have developed a strong appreciation for what must go into publishing a catalogue. I respect the fact that a lot of patience and focus are required to perfect the information and all of the minute details that go into the presentation.

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