Our exhibit…

…is opening next week!  We have some interesting work ahead and, I think, a wonderful exhibit to look forward to…and one that won’t disappear!

This post will be edited periodically, so please come back to it to check for additional information, updates, and news.  Please refer to this post as you develop your wall labels.

1) The timeline…  All of you have several dates in your projects.  Please add these dates to our timeline in our class blog.  There’s an easy link there now.  When you link to the first page, go to the top of the first timeline page and click on “register.”  This will take you immediately to the excell sheet on which you will add your dates, etc.  Make your additions at the bottom of the spreadsheet — regardless of chronology.  Please do not erase anything on the spreadsheet that is there.  Dates will not appear in chronological order on the spreadsheet…but will on our timeline!

2)  Our map…  Some of you have projects that can be located on the map…please do this!

3)  Group photo…  Is anyone good with Photoshop?  Do we have a volunteer to locate us in front of some great Venetian building?  I’ll bring my camera tomorrow.

4) Our exhibit has a site…  venice.umwblogs.org.  I worked on this over the break, and Jim taught me a few neat things this morning.  It’s going to work so smoothly!  Jim will send you some specific instructions and I’ll review the ins and outs with you during our meetings.  For now, please visit the site to get an idea of how it looks.  You are all writers/authors/editors of our exhibit blog.

5) Your wall labels…  The exhibit page will be populated by individual pages each of us will write.  I’ll write an introduction to the exhibit that links our visitors to each of your pages/wall labels.  Each of you will have the following pages within our “Exhibit” page:  a) overview (100-200 word summary of your project with a list of of additional wall lables with links to these); b) bibliography (this should be identified clearly so we don’t have 14 pages called “Bibliography”); c) the full text of your paper;  and d) through….  These will be defined sections of your final paper, for example, Nicole might have a section on the making of masks, on Commedia dell’arte, on Pietro Longhi, on types of masks (Nicole and I met today and these were sections she mentioned).  We’ll talk about these further…

6) Your pages are posted as “children” of the Exhibit page…I’ll show you what I mean in class and iin our meeting.  it’s not as strange as it sounds!

7) Please forward to me an image I can use in my introduction that best reflects the nature of your work.

8) Your papers are due to me this Friday, December 5 (as per the syllabus).  Please have a first draft of your wall labels posted on our exhibit blog no later than Monday, December 7, 5 p.m. so I can review these and get back to you on Tuesday.

Stay tuned…

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