Potential Paintings

I have comprised a short, rough draft of a list of works that I would like to examine.

Grand Canal Paintings:

Grand Canal: the Rialto Bridge from the North, 1725

Grand Canal: looking North from near the Rialto Bridge, 1725

The Grand Canal and the Church of the Salute, 1730

Composite views

Venice: A Regatta on the Grand Canal, circa 1735 (A)

A Regatta on the Grand Canal, 1740 (B)


Venice: The Feast Day of Saint Roch, circa 1735

Venice: Campo S. Vidal and Santa Maria della Carita (“The Stonemason’s Yard”), 1727-1728


San Marco Paintings:

Piazza an Marco: looking South-West, 1750s

Venice: Piazza San Marco, late 1750s

Venice: Piazza San Marco and the Colonnade of the Procuratie Nuove, late 1750s


**Add England paintings, add different times of day, different views down the river?

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